60 Seconds With JB Bolin President of Elite Tank, Inc.


Q: As a multiple entrepreneur and business owner of welding and related industry operations, how and why did you choose to form Elite Tank, Inc.?

A: We opened the doors at Elite Tank, Inc. on June 15, 2011. Over the previous 40 years or more I built a successful custom welding company, which also provides services to a sister company which is one of the larger foundation repair companies in the region. In early 2011 I established a relationship with an industry veteran in the poly tank industry. We both recognized opportunity and — from the beginning — knew we could build a successful business by providing customers with quality products and service above and beyond expectations.

Q: What did you think you could do that was not being done by existing distributors of tanks and containment systems?

A: While our company serves multiple industries, our primary market is the Oil & Gas industry. When you know customers and their industries, you come to know their needs and what’s important to them. Oil & Gas industry customers, for example, need to know they can count on you to have the products they need and to have them delivered when and where they need them. We’ve built our business doing just that. You could say, the foundation of Elite Tank is built on service, reliability and trust.

Q: Is there anything else that distinguishes Elite Tank, Inc.?

A: We have an overall brand concept we call the “Elite Advantage,” which includes:service, reliability and selection. Everyone here, from order to delivery, focuses on quality customer service. Reliability means we go the extra mile to make sure our products, pricing and post sales are always dependable. We can go the extra mile because early on we invested in a fleet of high-capacity vehicles to deliver shipments large and small. Not every poly tank company has that transportation advantage.

If there is ever a problem, we don’t talk about solutions: we deliver them. And finally, there is selection. We began Elite Tank with the understanding that having a broad range of products available onsite would help ensure that we could fulfill a customer order as quickly as possible. For many of our customers, this availability of product is the “value-added” that distinguishes Elite Tank from other companies in the industry.

Q: How does your personal background and experience contribute to the success of Elite Tank, Inc.?

A: Any success I’ve had, as well as the success of others in my family, I attribute to my parents’ upbringing, hard work and my faith in God. It’s pretty simple: if you treat everyone as you want to be treated, you’re golden. I follow that in my book and in my business. It’s really pretty simple when you think about it.