Custom service is a key factor to our business. Below are just a few of the great testimonials from our customers.

I’ve been an Elite Tank customer for almost five years and they’re a great company to work with. They offer a wide variety of quality tanks with on-time delivery that I count on. That’s important to me and to customers I serve.

In my experience, Elite Tank has always been focused on customer satisfaction from the time they take the order to the time of delivery.

Craig, Utah

Elite Tank, Inc. has delivered for me. In the past, I’ve done business with other distributors, sometimes having to go to multiple companies to complete an order. I have not had to do that since I began working with Elite.

Their service, inventory and pricing has made the difference for me. I can call them any time and rely on the delivery when and where I need it. If I need a specific color tank to meet BLM (Bureau of Land Management) requirements, I know Elite will have it in stock at a competitive price.

Wes, Wyoming

My experience with Elite Tank has been exceptional. They don’t talk about customer friendly service, they deliver it. Like Elite Tank, we operate a service company which has to balance its products and services with the needs of our end users. Sometimes that can be a real challenge and I’ve found Elite Tank to be invaluable as the go-to supplier to meet these special needs.

I worked in the oil fields for 37 years and in my experience, you work with people who work with you. With Elite I don’t get “off-the-shelf” service and solutions. It’s not just, “here’s what we have,” but “what can we do to meet your needs?”

In my opinion, Elite Tank makes customer service visible. They don’t talk; they do.

Jim, Arkansas