Rainwater Harvesting

Rain CaptorTM Catalog [PDF] | Introduction to Rain Harvesting [PDF]

With the recent droughts that many states have faced, rainwater harvesting is an easy method to help sustain certain water uses, simply by catching and storing rain as it falls. With its start in desert countries to assist with irrigation, it can now be easily added to anyone's home to provide an irrigation source or even water usage for household needs. As more and more research and products become available in this industry, some countries have even moved to creating building code laws that require a rain harvesting system for all new developments.

Elite Tank is able to provide you with both above ground poly tanks and poly cisterns for below ground storage. We are also able to provide you with a number of accessories from pumps to filters. You can find a listing of accessories, including the Leaf Eater and First Flush accessories, in the Rain CaptorTM Catalog. To learn more about our offerings, please contact our sales representatives.

Oklahoma Horizon reports on the importance of rain water collection, and how Elite Tank was able to assist the Latta FFA with their project.

Above Ground Vertical Tanks

The above ground tanks are available in three colors: black, desert tan, and dark green. The pigmented plastic vertical tanks helps to inhibit the growth algae.

5000 157 water
5000 155 water
5000 153 water
2600 102 water
2500 106 water
1500 70 water
1500 70 water
1100 53 water
1100 55 water
550 46 water
300 78 water
300 82 water

Above Ground Vertical Tanks

These are low profile poly cisterns for water storage.

1700 176 60 51 water
1200 88 48 44 water
575 88 48 44 water